Early Look: Doc Sidhe Cover

     A few months back, I received confirmation that the publication rights to two of my novels had reverted to me — 1995’s Doc Sidhe and its sequel, 2001’s Sidhe-Devil.
     I’m now in the process of revising both novels to conform to my current writing style. (A lot can happen to a writer’s style in nearly twenty years.) My aim is to issue both volumes as e-books and in physical editions.
     I’d hoped to have Doc Sidhe ready for the Origins Game Fair at the end of this month, but, unfortunately, my work load became too heavy for me to accomplish that. Look for Doc Sidhe to be available somewhere between late June and mid-July.

     I’ve commissioned new cover art for the two books. The preliminary version of the Doc Sidhe cover is shown here. It’s by Denis Loubet, a talented artist — and one of my housemates since 1984 — who has done covers for several of my game releases (Lands of Mystery, Savage Empire, Strike Force, and more).
     Both novels involve modern-Earth heroes who find themselves in my version of the Celtic mythological realm of Faerie — except that in the 21st century, Faerie strongly resembles the Earth of the 1930s. And it doesn’t precisely resemble the real Earth. Magic, mad science, monsters and madmen give it more than a passing resemblance to the 1930s portrayed in the era’s hero-pulp magazines (such as The Shadow, Doc Savage, The Spider, and many others).
     Doc Sidhe was dieselpunk six years before that term was even coined, and has been embraced by pulp-hero fans, steampunk fans, and dieselpunk fans since its original release. I’m very happy to have a new edition coming for them and for new readers.

7 thoughts on “Early Look: Doc Sidhe Cover

    • I certainly hope (and intend) so. For a long time now, I’ve had a back-burnered project, a partially outlined novel called The Lady of Pain, which would be a third Doc Sidhe novel, and I want to do more beyond that.

      Before that happens, though, I may need to do a Zeb-and-Noriko short story that’s been weighing on me for the last several months.

      The new editions of Doc Sidhe and Sidhe-Devil will actually accelerate the process of producing more stories — in part, they constitute a reboot of the line.

  1. Aaron:

    I am a big fan of Doc Sidhe and would like to help promote the reissue. My friend Ric Croxton and I do a podcast called The Book Cave that focuses on pulp stories and we would like to interview you. The interview is informal and runs for about one hour. We do it using Skype or land line phone on Tuesdays at 6 PM Central time. Would you be interested?

    Our shows are advertised every week on the Coming Attrctions Pulp website.

    Art Sippo

  2. Sweetness. I am totally game for an updated version of Doc Sidhe, as well as new stories in that playground. Time to dust off my copies and get to reading so I can get back into the groove of the fair world.

    …Is it late-June to mid-July yet?

  3. New edition? I just got started reading the old edition (which I’m really enjoying thus far.

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