Five Authors, Five Novelettes, Five Wars

     I’m very pleased to report that Five By Five has been released.

     Five By Five is an anthology of all-new military science fiction novelettes by five SF&F authors.
     Released by WordFire Press in e-book formats, it costs $4.99 US, which brings you around 85,000 words, the same length as a novel. Its stories are set in five different SF universes.
     It’s currently available from the following sources:




     It will be available from Amazon for the Kindle and Barnes & Noble for the Nook in the very near future.
     Here are the authors and contents (click on an author’s name to visit his web site):


Aaron Allston     “Big Plush”
An “Action Figures” Story
The Dollgangers, artificial people made in mankind’s image, take
up arms in a desperate bid to win their freedom.

Kevin J. Anderson     “Comrades in Arms”
A damaged cyborg soldier and an enemy alien fighter turn
their backs on the war and try to escape. But the human and
alien governments can’t tolerate the two deserters working
together, so they join forces to hunt them down.

Loren L. Coleman     “Shores of the Infinite”
An ICAS File
Separated from command & control, Combat Assault Suit troopers
force a beachhead to liberate a new planet from the cyborg

B.V. Larson     “The Black Ship”
A Mech Novella From the Imperium Series
A human settlement on the deadliest planet ever colonized clings
to life… but today new invaders are coming down from the

Michael A. Stackpole     “Out There”
The Qian have discovered humanity and welcomed them into their
star-spanning empire. The benefits they offer humanity are
many, and they don’t want much in return: just the best human
pilots available to take apart a most diabolical enemy.

     Five By Five is an expeeriment for us — a cooperative effort by five peers. We hope you enjoy the results. If you do, please tell us, tell your friends, and post reviews. We’d like the anthology to be a success so we can do more in the future.