Short Time Until Short Fiction

     We’re less than two weeks out from Dragon*Con 2013 and LoneStarCon 3 (the 2013 World Science Fiction Convention), so I thought I’d collect the information on my fiction releases taking place near (and after) those conventions.

Five by Five 2: No Surrender

(August 15, 2013)


     I teased the cover of this anthology in my last blog post. From WordFire Press, edited by Kevin J. Anderson, this is the second volume in the Five by Five military SF series. Once again, Kevin has assembled fiction by five military SF writers, and once again I’m cheerfully participating.

     My story in this volume is called “Coffee Black Sea.” It’s a follow-up to “Big Plush,” which appeared in the first Five by Five, and it’s nearly half again as long. In this story, some of the Dollgangers decide that their revolution, their species, will not survive if they don’t make it into space… but other ‘gangers, not to mention most of the humans on Chiron, are determined to stop them.

Where to Buy the Book

     Things are developing so fast on the Five by Five 2 front that the book does not even have an Amazon listing yet. You’ll be able to find it on Amazon in both trade paperback and e-book edition soon, and I know of two sales sources now or soon to be available for it:

  • E-Book Edition via Baen Ebooks
  • If coming to Dragon*Con, please visit the WordFire Press booth (tables 202 and 203 in the dealers’ room, which is in the Mercantile Mart this year); they’ll have copies of the trade paperback.

     Plus, should you happen to be at Dragon*Con, you can find me (catch me in Hanover Hall A-B during the breaks between my writing seminars, or in Marriott Marquis A706 before or after my Star Wars panels) if you’d like to chat about all this short fiction or pick up a copy of my Plotting book.

Shadows of the New Sun: Stories In Honor of Gene Wolfe

(August 27, 2013)


     I talked about this volume in an earlier blog post. Coming from Tor Books, edited by J.E. Mooney and Bill Fawcett, it’s a collection of short fiction written in tribute to and appreciation of one of the master SF&F writers of our age, Gene Wolfe.

     My story in it is a novelette titled “Epistoleros” — a fantasy-western set in an alternate-universe 1891 Texas.

Where to Buy the Book

Rayguns Over Texas

(August 30, 2013)


     I talked about this volume in an earlier blog post, too. This is the souvenir anthology accompanying the 2013 World Science Fiction Convention, which is taking place Labor Day Weekend in San Antonio, TX. The book is edited by Richard Klaw (“Rick” to people who know gorillas in speculative fiction) and is being published by the Fandom Association of Central Texas (FACT), a regional SF&F fandom and con-running group (in addition to the occasional WorldCon, NASFiC, World Fantasy Con, WesterCon, and BoucherCon, they annually run the respected ArmadilloCon, a literary SF&F gathering that takes place in Austin, TX).

     Rayguns Over Texas is a collection of science fiction stories by Texan writers — some native-born (such as myself) and some adopted (such as Michael Moorcock). My story, “Defenders of Beeman County,” is a whimsical tale, except for all the blood, brain matter, burned flesh, and piss.

     Starting a little over three weeks before the launch of the convention and release date of the book, Rick Klaw has been previewing stories, one per day, on his blog. Give the blog a look for a taste of what you’ll be seeing in the anthology.

Where to Buy the Book

  • Indications are that it will be available from once the World Science Fiction Convention is over.

Time Traveled Tales

(Late 2013)


     I’ve talked about this book in several blog posts going back to last year. To summarize, it’s a collection of stories, many of them time-travel oriented, originally published in a very limited edition that accompanied the Origins Game Fair 2012 convention. This new edition has a new cover, the addition of several new stories, and an interior illustration for each story.

     I’ll have two stories in the collection. The first, “Replay Value,” is about the luckless courtship of a lovely young lady by an increasingly desperate young man… and the unexpected way it eventually pays off. The second, new for this release of the anthology, is “Collide-o-Scope,” and features a time traveler using the technology for his own purposes… and discovering some things he probably wishes he hadn’t learned.

Where to Buy the Book

     Details have not been set yet — at least not to the degree where I can provide links — but if the A Hero By Any Other Name anthologyis a precedent, Time Traveled Tales will be available in multiple formats from the web site of the publisher, Silence In the Library Publishing.

Near Future and Recent Past

     I have a couple more pieces of short fiction that have been placed or requested, but it’s too early to provide precise details about those projects. So I’ll provide inexact details.

     Time Traveled Tales was funded by a Kickstarter initiative that was quite successful, and one of the stretch goals that was met will result in the publication of a Volume II. I’ll have a story in that volume.

     I’ve also recently completed a horror story for a theme anthology. This project is in the early formative stages, however, so it would be a disservice to you and to its organizers to say more at this time.

     Short fiction work that has already appeared in 2013 includes:

That’s All For Now

     I hope those of you who pick up these stories enjoy them, and I hope to see many of you at Dragon*Con and other upcoming events.

PlottingWriters! Having trouble with your plots?


My new book, Plotting: A Novelist’s Workout Guide, may have the answers you need. Itself the length of a robust novel, it describes the craft of plotting novel-length fiction from initial concept to finished outline. It also includes numerous writing exercises and Blood Kin, a complete novel plot described from starting concept to pitch outline.

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Short Fiction Coolness

Five by Five by Voice

     WordFire Press, publisher of Five by Five, the anthology in which my “Big Plush” novelette appears, has concluded a deal with Brilliance Audio, the audiobook producer, for an audio edition of Five by Five.
     This is a first for me — there have been audio versions of all my Star Wars books, but this is the first time any of my non-franchise fiction has been adapted to audio.
     I’ll post more details as they come in.

Five by Five Cover

August Personages

     In previous blog posts, I reported on two stories coming out in 2013: “Green Room” in the Origins Game Fair souvenir anthology (June) and “Defenders of Beeman County” in Rayguns Over Texas. I can now report a third story being placed.
     Shadows of the New Sun is an anthology in tribute to Gene Wolfe, a fabulous writer who is also the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America‘s newest Grand Master. Edited by J.E. Mooney and Bill Fawcett, to be published in August by Tom Doherty and Associates as a Tor Book in both hardcover and e-book formats, it includes short fiction in appreciation of Gene. It also includes work by Gene himself.
     Take a look at the contents list:




J.E. Mooney


Gene Wolfe

A Lunar Labyrinth

Neil Gaiman

The Island of the Death Doctor

Joe Haldeman

A Touch of Rosemary

Timothy Zahn


Steven Savile


David Drake

… And Other Stories

Nancy Kress

The Island of Time

Jack Dann

The She-Wolf’s Hidden Grin

Michael Swanwick


Michael A. Stackpole

Tourist Trap

Mike Resnick and Barry Malzberg


Aaron Allston

Rhubarb and Beets

Todd McCaffrey

Tales From Limbo, But I Digress

Judi Rohrig

In the Shadow of the Gate

William C. Dietz

Soldier of Mercy

Marc Aramini

The Dreams of the Sea

Jody Lynn Nye

The Logs

David Brin

Sea of Memory

Gene Wolfe

     (And, yes, with Timothy Zahn, Michael A. Stackpole, and myself contributing, the anthology does have a curious though unintentional Star Wars connection.)
     My story, “Epistoleros,” is a novelette set in an alternate-universe, late-19th-century Texas. Though not directly connected with any of Gene Wolfe’s settings, it explores themes that Gene has dealt with. Of course, what it took me about 16,000 words to accomplish, Gene could probably have managed in 3,000… but that’s just the way things are. <g>
     I first met Gene in the mid-1990s at a New Orleans Science Fiction and Fantasy Festival. He’s always been gracious both with fans and less-experienced colleagues. It’s a real pleasure to participate in a project with and in tribute to him.

More Upcoming Short Fiction

     I’ve been invited into five other upcoming anthologies, but since their publication dates and other details are not yet set, I won’t be making any announcements about those releases for a while.